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Police News

Recently, Lower Gwynedd Township, and other surrounding communities have observed an increase in stolen vehicles. The majority of the vehicles have been stolen from single family residences, usually in the driveways or even the garages of the victims. A large number of the vehicles have been left unlocked and with the keys inside of the vehicle. This appears to be the work of an auto theft ring and the vehicles are generally taken to port cities on the east coast. In a few instances, the keys have been removed from inside of the residences prior to the theft. These thefts have all taken place in the overnight hours. The police remind you to please keep your vehicles and homes locked and secured. If you have an alarm use it. If you observe anything suspicious, especially in the overnight hours please do not hesitate to call 911.

 We would also like to remind our older residents that both nationally and locally, seniors are becoming increasingly likely to be the victims of thefts and scams. Scammers are utilizing thegrandparent scam(Scammers call representing that they are the victim’s grandchild and need money sent to get them out of legal trouble.), theserviceman scam(Scammers show up at the door representing to be from a utility company and occupy the resident while an unseen partner burglarizes the residence), theIRS/PECOscam (Scammers represent themselves as representatives and claim there is a large unpaid bill that could lead to lawsuits or jail if not taken care of immediately.) Please be wary of unsolicited contact that requires large sums of money to be paid immediately.

 The best advice we can give is:

  1. Do not allow strangers into your home that show up without an appointment. If you believe that they are there for a legitimate purpose contact the agency they claim to be from or you can always contact the police and we will verify for you.
  2. Unsolicited e-mails or phone calls claiming you have won or owe large sums of money are almost always a scam. The more urgent the need for immediate payment increases the chances that you are being scammed. Contact the police and we can verify for you.
  3. Be vigilant, there are always new waves of different scams that are popping up.

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