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Compatible Trees for Planting Near Power Lines
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In light of the recent winter storms, power outages, and downed trees, PECO is requesting that you do not plant any species not on the following list under or near any power lines.


 Compatible Trees for Planting Under or Near Distribution Power Lines

 Common Name  Scientific Name
 Cherry, Choke  Prunus virginiana
 Cherry, Okame  Prunus okame
 Cherry, Oriental  Prunus serrulata
 Crabapple, Flowering  Malus species and hybrids
 Dogwood, Cornelian Cherry  Cornus mas
 Dogwood, Flowering  Cornus florida
 Dogwood, Gray  Cornus racemosa
 Dogwood, Kousa  Cornus kousa
 Dogwood, Kousa hybrids  Cornus kousa x florida
 Fringe Tree  Chionanthus virginicus
 Hawthorn, Cockspur  Crataegus crus-galli
 Hawthorn, Dotted  Crataegus punctata
 Hawthorn, English  Crataegus laevigata
 Hawthorn, Green  Crataegus viridis
 Hawthorn, Washington  Crataegus phaenopyrum
 Lilac, Japanese Tree  Syringa reticulata
 Magnolia, hybrid  Magnolia hybrids
 Magnolia, Star  Magnolia stellata
 Maple, Amur  Acer ginnala
 Maple, Hedge  Acer campestre
 Maple, Paperbark  Acer griseum
 Maple, Tatarian  Acer tataricum
 Maple, Trident  Acer buergeranum
 Redbud, Eastern  Cercis canadensis
 Serviceberry  Amelanchier species and hybrids
 Silverbell, Carolina  Halesia carolina
 Snowbell, Japanese  Styrax japonica
 Evergreens For Screens  
 Arborvitae, American  Thuja occidentalis
 Juniper, Chinese  Juniperus chinensis
 Juniper, Rocky Mountain  Juniperus scopulorum
 Pine, Japanese Black  Pinus thunbergii