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New Home Permit Requirements


  • Submit a Contract for Professional Services Agreement with an escrow check in the amount of $1,500.00 (payable to Lower Gwynedd Township with a completed W-9)
  • Submit a grading plan/permit to include the following information:
    • Size & location of new construction with zoning table listing (zoning district/lot area/width/setbacks/building height/building coverage/impervious coverage)
    • Individual Lot Soil Erosion & Sedimentation Control Plan & Stormwater Management Plan
  • Sewer Connection (vacant land) requirements:
    • If the lot has access to public sewer an EDU must be purchased through the Township (if the EDU was previously purchased, proof of purchase must be included with your submission)
    • If the lot will have an on-site sewage system/septic system, this must be incorporated with the submitted grading plan application
  • Permits:
    • Submit the required building permits with architectural plans for review (if purchasing an EDU; payment is required prior to submission of permits – permits/plans may be submitted during the grading plan review).
    • Certificate of Use & Occupancy