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Public Works

Township Wide Street Sweeping-May 6th-May 10th

Please be aware that township-wide street sweeping is scheduled to take place, Monday, May 6th through Friday, May 10th, 2024.

Public Works Building Strategic Plan

Lower Gwynedd Township is exploring the option of constructing a new public works facility in order to consolidate the existing Department of Public Works operations from the multiple locations in which they are currently stored throughout the Township.  A Strategic Plan was assembled in 2022 that summarized the research to date.  The full report can be found at the following link:

Lower Gwynedd Township's Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance of roads, sewer lines and park facilities in the Township. The hours of the department are from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. - Monday to Friday.

Telephone & Email Directory

Name Title Telephone
Alfred Zollers
Public Works Director (215) 646-5302
Santino Carlomagno
Assistant Public Works Director (215) 646-5302

New Bypass/Deduct Meter Policy

Lower Gwynedd residents with swimming pools or irrigation systems may install a by-pass meter that measures the amount of water that is used but does not discharge into sanitary sewer system. The homeowner is responsible for all expenses for the installation and plumbing permit costs. Note that it must be installed by a registered master plumber. A $25.00 fee is charged yearly to administer the program. A portion of the metered water which is eliminated from entering the sanitary sewer system can then be deducted from your sewer bill.

The meter must be installed AFTER the water company meter, not on the line in front of the meter.

When installing a replacement or new meter, please email a picture of the face of the meter and a completed registration form to in order to document a starting read.

In the Fall of each year BCWSA will notify all residents with Bypass/Deduct Meters to take a picture of the face of the meter and email it to BCWSA. Note that all defective meters must be replaced and a picture of the meter must be received before ANY credits will be issued.

Alternatively, homeowners with in-ground swimming pools may receive an annual $25.00 credit and above-ground pools can receive an annual $10.00 credit on their sewer bill without the costs of installing a by-pass meter.