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Spring House, PA- July 13, 2022

The BOS approved a Clean Energy Resolution #2022-17 at their meeting held June 28th, 2022. Lower Gwynedd Township joins 45 other municipalities in Pennsylvania taking a leadership role in setting goals for the transition to clean energy in local communities. The approved resolution outlines goals and sets timelines for converting to clean energy, clean electricity, and alternative fuel sources. It also targets other milestones and sets forth the goal of strategically decreasing energy consumption by implementing energy efficiency improvements in private, institutional, commercial and public buildings. The resolution calls for the creation of a task force that will formulate an energy transition plan. The Environmental Advisory Council (EAC) who is spearheading this initiative, will continue to provide outreach and assistance to the community through the implementation phase. Supervisor, Tessie McNeely, commented that “the goal of the EAC is to be leaders in our community and provide suggestions on how people in the community can reach these aspirational goals.” The resolution passed 4-1, with Supervisor Hunsicker casting the opposing vote.

The BOS also approved Ordinance #530 on June 28th, 2022 revising the Police Hiring Procedures by removing the terminology "final and binding" from three sections of the ordinance. This language ensures that when hiring new police officers, Lower Gwynedd Township will be made aware of any prohibitive offenses that an officer could have been charged with in previous employment, even if the incident was under appeal. Board Chair, Danielle Duckett, explained that the revision to the ordinance “would not eliminate employment with the Township but ensure we capture the entire picture regarding their work history before any applicant is hired. It is vital in light of the recent hiring of Timothy Loehmann, the officer who fatally shot 12-year-old Tamir Rice, in Tioga, Pennsylvania.” The ordinance passed unanimously.


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