Lower Gwynedd Township Dager Road Penllyn Pike Trail Crossing 2021

Lower Gwynedd Township is pleased to announce that they are among the list of recipients for the 2021 Montgomery County 20/40 Implementation Grants. Montgomery County announced the grant awards late last week. Lower Gwynedd Township will receive $61,400.00 in grant funding for the Penllyn Pike Trail crossing of Dager Road. This project will realign an existing, skewed trail crossing of the Penllyn Pike Trail as it crosses Dager Road. Additionally, the Township will pave the trail’s existing gravel path approaches to Dager Road and install updated trail crossing signage and pavement markings. The updated trail crossing will meet current ADA, PennDot, and other applicable design standards.

The full scope of the project will include the realignment of trail approaches to allow the trail to cross Dager Road at a 90-degree angle; including the repainting of the continental-style pedestrian crossing. New trail crossing signs will be placed approximately 1500’ to either approach on Dager Road. The approaches will be paved on either side of Dager Road and ADA compliant curb ramps will be installed on each side. Pedestrian actuated Rapid Rectangular Flashing Beacons will also be installed at the trail crossing, visible to drivers in each direction on Dager Road. These changes will improve trail-user safety and visibility to motorist on Dager Road.

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