Due to recent tragic fires in the City of Philadelphia where 12 people died and in New York City where 19 died, Lower Gwynedd Township is teaming up with the North Penn Volunteer Fire Company and the Wissahickon Fire Company to deliver monthly Public Safety Announcements on Fire Safety. You should know that on average, nationally, over 3,500 people die each year in fires, and with this fire safety campaign, we hope to make a difference.  This month we are focusing on Smoke Alarms.  

Smoke Alarms Save Livescheck your smoke alarms monthly in your home to see if they work and if the batteries need to be changed.   

If your smoke alarm goes off – Get out and Stay out  

Your fire companies have participated in the 6 ABC Save a Life – Fire Campaign and if you need a smoke alarm, they have free smoke alarms to give out. If you have any questions or are in need of a smoke alarm, please reach out to one of your fire companies listed below. 

North Penn Volunteer Fire Company-  or             

Wissahickon Fire Company=   

 Again, Smoke Alarms Save Lives – check to see if your smoke alarms work and check the batteries!         

Have one in every bedroom, outside every sleeping area and at least one on every floor of your home!


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