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2nd Annual Lower Gwynedd Township Tree Giveaway

We have fielded many called regarding the Tree Giveaway.

Registration begins TODAY, Thursday, September 14, 2023.  

The trees are listed below, with the most important characteristics of size, water needs and sunlight requirements.  Exact species and their sizes may change based on availability, but we will do our best to ensure you get your preferred tree. The registration form also has a place for you to indicate any other species that could work for you, if your first choice ends up not being available.


 How to get your tree:

 As soon as you have decided on a tree from our list go to the pre-registration form to choose your tree and pickup time on Saturday, October 14th. A limited number of each tree species and time slots between 8am - noon are available. If a tree is no longer listed all trees of that type have been requested, and if a time slot is no longer listed it is full. We are requesting everyone chose a half hour time slot to prevent a long line of traffic on Bethlehem Pike and to prevent long waits to pick up your tree. Trees and planting supplies (a bag of mulch) will be picked up Township Administration Building, 1130 North Bethlehem Pike Spring House, PA 19477. The time slot you select for your tree pickup will have no bearing on the likelihood of your obtaining a tree since you are also reserving a specific tree type in addition to a time slot.


  • After filling out the pre-registration form you will receive a confirmation email with the information you filled out on the form. Save this email for future reference, and bring it with you (printed or on your phone) when you come to pick up your tree. If you do not get a confirmation email please first check your spam folder, and then email contactus@lowergwynedd.org to confirm that your registration form was received.


  • On Saturday October 14th, you should drive to the Administration Building parking lot during your selected time slot in a vehicle that is large enough to hold a potted tree up to 5’ tall. Bring your confirmation email with you. We will be giving out trees rain or shine. We will load your tree in your vehicle (bring your own tarp or other material to protect the inside of your vehicle, if you would like). In addition to your tree we will provide a bag of mulch to help your tree grow and keep lawnmowers at a distance. Instructions for planting can be found here. We will not be providing deer protection this year as there are different sizes/shapes of trees, which complicates including this material in the giveaway. We do recommend protecting your young tree from deer, and have compiled this information to determine the best way to protect your tree in the beginning of its time on your property.  Deer Protection Information

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