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Community Response Unit

New Community Response Unit Vehicle


SAVE the Date: 2024 Touch-a-Truck event will be held May 18, 2024

The CRU recently hosted a Touch a Truck Event! Check out the video below.

Blue Envelope Program

Montgomery County launched the “Blue Envelope Program” to assist special-needs drivers and police during interactions. The Lower Gwynedd Township Police is participating in this program. We are encouraging families who have loved one’s with special needs to come into the station and get one of the Blue Envelopes.

Please view the attached press release and photograph for the Blue Envelope Program.


Lower Gwynedd Township Police Community Response Unit

Lower Gwynedd Police Department-Community Response Unit (CRU)

The Community Response Unit is staffed by uniformed officers with varying hours, thereby increasing the number of officers who are working during shift changes and when there is an increased need for police services. An essential duty of the Community Response Unit is to promote community connections by proactive community policing and problem-solving.

There is a shared responsibility between the police and community members to encourage a problem-solving partnership. The focus is on improving the 2-way communications between the police and the community to help the residents develop a rapport and participate in the crime prevention process. The exchange of information between the community and the police is essential in the prevention of crime that traditional policing methods do not address.

Community Response duties include but limited to:

  • Community Presentations
  • Crime Prevention & Education
  • Traffic Complaints & Enforcement
  • Assist patrol division
  • Special Events

Crime Prevention

The Lower Gwynedd Township Police strive to be proactive and prefer to prevent crime before it occurs, when possible. Crime prevention is a safer, less expensive, and more responsible way to keep our community safe. However, the police cannot be everywhere and depend on your help. We encourage you to report any suspicious activity when it is happening by calling 911 or 215-646-5300. Please do not feel that your information is unimportant or will distract us from a more important task. If you have a non-emergency question, please contact us at 215-646-5303.

Safe Cam Program

To increase our ability to investigate criminal activity more efficiently and effectively, the Lower Gwynedd Township Police Department is asking businesses and residents with video surveillance cameras (including doorbells) to register them with the Police Department voluntarily. This will enable us to respond quickly to the location of the camera and work with the owner to possibly recover evidence of a crime or the identity of the potential suspect. The program is entirely voluntary, and the information will only be utilized for official Police purposes.

This is not a request to have open access to your system, merely a way for us to know who or where to turn if needed.

On our registration form, you’ll be asked to provide contact information and basic information about the location and recording of your cameras. There is no registration fee, and your information will be kept confidential. You can unsubscribe from the program at any time. We ask that if you have more than one location you would like to register, please submit separate forms for each location.

ALICE Training (Active Shooter)

Lower Gwynedd Police have officers that are ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate) certified instructors. The officers offer training to businesses, places of warships, schools, and large organizations. Anyone interested in additional information, please contact the Community Response Unit at 215-646-5303 or by email:

Safety Tips

Click on the links below for important safety tips and helpful information. Download, print, and share with members of your family. Remember, these practices have reach far beyond Lower Gwynedd Township, so exercise them wherever you may be.

Special Events

Meet with members of organizations sponsoring special events such as 5-K runs, Walk-a-Thons, Parades, and Block Parties. Conduct tours of the police station for groups such as boy & girls Scouts.

Sponsorship of Programs

The unit would like to allow the business community to get involved. The unit has several programs it would like to provide, but there still is a need for sponsorship to make them a reality. Various brochures, publications, and miscellaneous trinkets are supplied to the public at various events and functions. Because of the ever-growing expense involved in purchasing these items, a business can help by being a sponsor.

Any business interested in more information on becoming a sponsor, please contact the Community Response Unit at (215)646-5303 or by email:

Future Programs

The Community Response Unit is always interested in receiving new ideas from the public. Together we can improve existing programs and introduce new ways to benefit our community.

If you have any suggestions for the Unit, please email