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Going Green Award Recognize Someone for Doing Right!

The mission of the Lower Gwynedd Environmental Advisory Council (EAC) is to educate, facilitate and promote sustainable practices within Lower Gwynedd Township and the greater community through educational workshops and programs, articles, and community events. In keeping with this mission, the EAC has established the Lower Gwynedd Going Green Award, which will recognize a variety of environmental stewardship actions taking place throughout the community. 


Award Purpose: The purpose of the Going Green Award is to recognize sustainability initiatives that improve or protect the environment and our natural resources, and to raise awareness about important environmental issues.  Areas of focus will include energy; water; sustainable land practices; waste minimization; and community outreach and betterment. Our proposed goal is to “Recognize Someone for Doing Right”.

Award Eligibility:  Any resident, business, group, organization, non-profit, educational institution, or other entity located in Lower Gwynedd that has taken positive steps to improve or protect the environment.

Nominations: Nominations may be made with or without the knowledge of the nominees.  Self-nominations are accepted.  The nomination deadline is Friday, 9/15/2023.


  • Online submission of nomination form and supporting materials.  Online Application Form
  • Notification to applicant/nominee that submission has been received, confirmation of nominee’s willingness to participate and notification of expected timeline for follow up.
  • Nominations and supporting materials will be reviewed and evaluated by a subcommittee of the EAC called the Going Green Award Committee
  • A fifteen-minute candidate meeting will be held with the Going Green Award Committee
  • The top three candidates for the Going Green Award will be presented to the full Environmental Advisory Council for a final vote.
  • Award winners will be notified prior to the award presentation at a Board of Supervisors Meeting and announcement in the newsletter.
  • Award presentation and publication in the Township print and e-newsletter and other media outlets.

What are we looking for?

The committee will look for activities or designs that:

  • improve energy efficiency, reduce emissions, and/or utilize or promote clean energy.
  • increase water efficiency, reduce runoff, reduce or remediate water contamination.
  • reduce/minimize waste in production or sale of goods and services; utilize more sustainable materials; increase reliance on locally sourced/produced materials to reduce energy expenditure; extend product life to reduce waste; reduce use of raw materials; and promote proper recycling.
  • promote sustainable land use practices, restore habitat, increase native plantings, address overuse of chemical fertilizers, reflect principles of regenerative agriculture.
  • and/or demonstrate community outreach and promote community betterment to address environmental stresses and enable members of the community to undertake meaningful changes to reduce negative environmental impacts.
  • This is not an exhaustive list of possible activities that would be considered worthy of a sustainability award. Data to demonstrate improvements and impact on sustainability performance are encouraged.


Nomination Requirements

  • The nominee must be a resident, group, business, organization, non-profit, educational institution, or other entity located in Lower Gwynedd Township.
  • Nomination forms must be filled out.
  • Nominee must confirm willingness to participate, and be available for a fifteen-minute interview by the Going Green Award Committee
  • For the Inaugural Award, a nominee or representative must be available for the Award Presentation.


  • Recognition and plaque presentation at a Board of Supervisors Meeting.
  • Name added to a plaque of winners displayed in the Township building.
  • Recognition Township print and e-newsletter and other media outlets

Any questions should be directed to

If you are interested in participating in EAC activities, send your contact information to